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Rebate Programs

The Frontier Power Company offers several savings programs.  Water heater rebates, radio control switch rebates, and the "Cool Returns" programs are all designed to save electricity and save you money.

Water heater rebates - Before purchasing a new electric water heater, be sure to review the specification sheet to qualify for a $150 or $200 credit.  Click HERE for the specifications.

Radio control switches - This is a device placed on your electric water heater which allows Buckeye Power to shut your heater down temporarily should a peak alert arise (coldest or hottest day of the year).  Each member utilizing a radio control switch will receive $25 credit on their bill every December.



Cool Returns - This new program offers an initial $100 rebate, and a $4 credit on your Frontier Power electric bill for the months of June, July, August and September. A device, much like a radio control switch used on water heaters, will be placed on your central air conditioning unit. Your air conditioning unit is controlled up to 40% during peak alerts, so you will not be without air conditioning completely. Please note, NO WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS are eligible for this program.





Energy Star Refrigerators, Freezers, and Air Conditioners - Replace and discard your old refrigerator and/or freezer with a new Energy Star rated qualifying refrigerator or freezer and receive $100 rebate. New units must be Energy Star rated and between 10 - 30 cubic feet. Energy label and receipts are required. Click HERE for the program information.






Commercial & Industrial Custom Lighting Program - This is a custom program to allow a wide range of energy efficient lighting retrofit upgrades for non-residential member facilities.  Applicable for LEDs in new construction or facility additions, but not applicable for installation of additional lighting. This rebate is based upon total lamp watts saved, not to exceed 50% of the project cost. Re-lamping allowable only if it includes a technology upgrade. Requires co-op visit to facility before and after project completion. Please see full requirements and details HERE

Commercial & Industrial Energy Audit Program - This program encourages energy audits and implementation of recommended energy efficiency improvements. Rebate requires contractor invoice and does not include labor, and is not to exceed 50% of audit cost and/or improvement cost. More information can be found HERE

Commercial & Industrial Improvements Program - Allows for nine specific types of energy efficient equipment purchase and installation rebates for commercial and industrial members. Program details can be found HERE.

Agriculture Program - Allows for six specific types of energy efficient equipment purchase and installation rebates for agricultural member facilities. See program details HERE.




For further information or questions about each of these programs, please send your request to:

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