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FPC Community Connections Fund

Frontier Power is now operating the "FPC Community Connections Fund".  This program generates funds to be utilized in our own communities, therefore, benefitting you, our members.  Each billing cycle, accounts are "rounded-up" to the nearest dollar.  This change is then put into a separate fund to be used by groups to better improve our communities, or individuals who have experienced extreme hardships (such as home fire, etc.).  The average contribution by each members' account is $6.00, but will not exceed $11.88 per year.  All members are enrolled in the program, and can opt out of the program at any time with just a single phone call to Frontier Power.  Likewise, a member who has opted out can join back in at any time.

Organizations and individuals requesting assistance are required to fill out an application and submit it to the FPC Community Connections Fund Board.  This separate board will be governing the program, and will meet periodically throughout the year to review applications.  Many cooperatives across America operate this type of program. Samples that other cooperatives have awarded grants to include equipment for fire departments, emergency management services and community parks, assistance to charitable organizations to help conduct community events and programs, and assistance to individual families who have experienced great loss such as in a home fire. 

Please call our office at 740-622-6755 or 800-624-8050 for more information.

Applications can be downloaded below.

Click HERE to view past distributions.

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